Vintage Mini Coopers

December 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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I adore vintage Mini Coopers, and when I saw this picture in my inbox this morning, it made me happy.  I swear, this is like Oreo‘s grandpa, can’t you see the resemblance (same color!), haha.

Although, I love my Mini, I’m not sure I would actually put that many boxes of gifts on top of my Mini for transport.  No offense to Oreo – I’m not sure I trust my driving skills and want to risk the chance that all my Christmas gifts are scrattered on the street.  That would be awful. 

Nonetheless, this picture warms my heart.  The Christmas season is official here!  Let the shopping, decorating, and cooking begin! :)


I spent this past weekend in my favorite city — San Francisco.  I love the people, atmosphere, culture, shops, and food there.  Too bad I live on the opposite coast, which makes visiting more difficult.

Most of the weekend was actually spent in Monterey, a few hours south of San Francisco.   Although it was cold there, it was a nice getaway.  Plus, the clam chowder was amazing there.

There were some nice vintage finds:

We had brunch at First Awakenings, which was a great.  No wonder there was a 30-minute wait.  They had a huge menu full of different breakfast options, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees.  The portions were big and everything was delicious.

Their hot sauce was amazing!  We literally finished half this bottle during our meal.  There was only four of us.

I got the Bombero Burrito (ham, bacon, sausage, onions, and mushrooms) and home fries – all for less than $10.

The potatoes were my favorite part.  I want some now.

Even though we were completely stuffed from brunch, we could not say no to some candy/caramel apples.  We had passed by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory a few times before brunch and had been eyeing their massive selection of candy apples.  I got the caramel apple with almonds.  Sooo good!  It had the perfect amount of sweetness, tartness, and nuttyness.

Their assortment of peppermint bark was also amazing.

After all the food, naps were in order.

While we slept, Fleecie, my friend’s [child] lamb, entertained herself with the meditation box in our hotel room.  Looks like she’s spelling out her name.  So clever.  (She’s not even 11 yet!)

Oh, and she knows she’s cute.

Back in San Francisco, we had a nice relaxing picnic in the Alamo Square park.  You can see the beautiful SF skyline, as well as the iconic “Painted Ladies,” a number of distinctive Victorian-style mansions along Steiner Street.  The “Painted Ladies” may look familiar to you — they were featured in the opening sequence of the 1980s-90s show, Full House.

I also got a chance to visit Miette, a famous pastry shop in SF.  I had been eyeing Miette’s Recipe Book on Amazon for weeks.  Now that I know it’s good, I’m definitely getting it soon.  :)

All in all, a great weekend full of great friends, memories, and food.  :)


As you probably know (based on this website’s headline above), I fancy food and vintage things.  I fancy them a lot.  So, it’s probably not a surprise that I love vintage cookware.  Recently, I’ve been a little obsessed with vintage pyrex kitchen glasswares.  Not only are they all just adorable, they’re known for their lasting durability.

Aren’t these just amazing?

This is my vintage pyrex cabinet:

Am I lucky or what?  Try not to be too jealous please.  I’d like to keep our friendship.

Okay, I lied.  I do not have a cabinet full of these adorable vintage pyrex pieces hoarded away.  I don’t even own one vintage pyrex piece (my mom does though! Does that count??).  Sigh.  I know.  I’m such an imposter.  And liar.  But, a girl can dream, right?

And, can you blame me???  They’re just soo cute!  Just look:




Okay, I’m a little excited here.

This only means I need to start my own collection.  ASAP.

I found a great book recently on everything you would want to know about pyrex, and more:  Pyrex:  The Unauthorized Collector’s Guide

It’s currently in my Amazon wishlist.  I think I’ll get it when I actually get a few pyrex pieces.  :)

My recent obsession with vintage pyrex started when I stumbled upon, which is a great website on vintage pyrex.  It has a lot of helpful information about vintage pryex – from how to care for your pyrex to the different collections that are out there.  They also sell vintage pyrex, which is pretty cool for those lazy people (and by lazy people, I mean me) who don’t go antiquing.

Maybe I’ll stop by a Goodwill or flea market this weekend …


It has been almost 12 years since I’ve thrown clay on the potter’s wheel. Yes, do the math, I’m old. Suffice it to say, even if throwing on the wheel is like riding a bike, I’m definitely a bit rusty. I have been wanting to throw on the wheel again for awhile now, and finally signed up for a pottery class recently. My first class is next week and I’m beyond excited! There are so many things I’d like to make. Some practical, some not so much. Lol. In my search to find inspiration, here are some things I’ve found that I think are adorable!

I love love LOVE Whitney Smith ‘s stuff:

Bird Ceramic Lidded Vessel by Whitney Smith

Bird Sugar and Creamer Set by Whitney Smith

Dogwood Flower Ceramic Lidded Vessel by Whitney Smith

Bird Ceramic Vase by Whitney Smith

Bird Cupcake Ceramic Stand by Whitney Smith

Sooo cute.  More tiny bird designs on pottery:

Love Birdies Vase by redhotpottery at

I love this rainbow idea:

Olive Oil Bottle at Dean & Deluca

The difficulty I see here is building the narrow mouth of the bottle.  I’m excited to give it a shot.  :)

I like this unique shape:

Something practical to make:

Williams-Sonoma's Farmhouse Double-Handled Bowls


My favorite vintage piece that I own is my pink Remington typewriter.

I love love love it!

A few years ago, I had been wanting a pink vintage typewriter for quite some time and during a trip to visit some old friends in the Bay Area (California) in the summer of 2009, I made plans to have dinner at Berkeley with some friends.  During the two block walk to the restaurant from our parking spot, there it was!  This adorable pink Remington typewriter circa 1949 in mint condition was sitting on the window display of Berkeley Typewriter & Clark Business Machines on University Avenue.  It was fate.

Even though I was already late for dinner, I knew I had to go in — I felt destiny calling!  When I saw it up close, I knew it was meant to be.  It was in pristine condition.  All the keys worked and it was exactly what I’ve been coveting for months.  Plus, with a price tag of about $350, I couldn’t say no.  A typewriter this old and in this condition sold for around $500 online.  It also came with its original vintage carrying case, which made it an easy carry-on during my flight back to Philly, yay!

Totally love at first sight, and it’s definitely one of my prized decor pieces in my apartment.