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Vintage Mini Coopers

December 1, 2011 · 0 comments

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I adore vintage Mini Coopers, and when I saw this picture in my inbox this morning, it made me happy.  I swear, this is like Oreo‘s grandpa, can’t you see the resemblance (same color!), haha.

Although, I love my Mini, I’m not sure I would actually put that many boxes of gifts on top of my Mini for transport.  No offense to Oreo – I’m not sure I trust my driving skills and want to risk the chance that all my Christmas gifts are scrattered on the street.  That would be awful. 

Nonetheless, this picture warms my heart.  The Christmas season is official here!  Let the shopping, decorating, and cooking begin! :)


Let me introduce you to …

January 27, 2011 · 1 comment

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the car, the legend, the beast (... okay maybe not a beast)

Isn’t he adorable? But, don’t let his appearance fool you. He’s a trooper. I purchased Oreo a little over a year ago and he’s gone through a lot, including driving through several snow apocalypses, and unscathed at that. He’s the perfect car for me. I live in the heart of the city, street park, and commute 60 miles a day for work (I get about 37 miles/gallon!).

So, one thing Oreo doesn’t like is snow.  But recently, there’s been quite a bit of it on the east coast. He definitely wasn’t happy this morning:

Poor thing …

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