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Maps as Art

April 21, 2011 · 2 comments

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Recently, I’ve been looking for a new condo/house/apartment, and along with that search comes the numerous possibilities and ideas to decorate this new potential place.  That’s the exciting part. 
While browsing for ideas, I’ve noticed a lot of framed maps being used as wall art decor.  I think this is such a creative and affordable way to decorate.  Maps are an easily portable souvenir to bring back from vacation/traveling, and makes a great way to personalize your home.
Here were some random ones I saw that were great in their own way: 

courtesy of Apartment Therapy - Miguez & KD's Pleasant in Pasadena

This first one is my favorite.  I like that it’s all in one color (coral red/pink) and the off-white paper gives it a vintage feel.  (I also like the rotary phone.)

Courtesy of Decor Pad – Diane Bergeron

 I like how this one is divided between four frames.  It makes a boring map look more interesting.

courtesy of Apartment Therapy - Pete & James House Tour

This one is more bold and manly, which fits the asthetic of this living room.


About two months ago, I mentioned that I was going to take a 5-week introductory pottery course.  I recently just finished the course and here are the results.  (Brace yourself – it might get a little ugly.)

There were the good …

… the bad

… and the ugly.

Well, in this sad looking mug’s defense, I accidentally put the wrong glaze (color) on it.  Had I not made that mistake, it might not have looked as traggic as it does now.  For those unfamiliar with glaze, it’s usually hard to tell what the post-fired color will be from the pre-fired glaze.  This is why each tub of glaze is labeled.  This was suppose to be dipped in a maroon-color glaze with green designs.  As you can see, I completely missed the mark.

And in an effort to salvage it, I dipped the handle in a second glaze (the maroon), which made it worse.  Plus, during firing, glaze will move a little, and because I had too much glaze on the handle, some of it moved down onto the table the mug was sitting on during firing.  They had to chip the mug off the table when they removed it from the kiln.

Tigger was not impressed.  If you don’t know, she is very damanding and critical.

She’s right.  There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Fortunately, I start my 10-week beginner/intermediate class this weekend.  I hope to show you more good and less bad and ugly ones by the end of that course.

Oh, the pressure.


It has been almost 12 years since I’ve thrown clay on the potter’s wheel. Yes, do the math, I’m old. Suffice it to say, even if throwing on the wheel is like riding a bike, I’m definitely a bit rusty. I have been wanting to throw on the wheel again for awhile now, and finally signed up for a pottery class recently. My first class is next week and I’m beyond excited! There are so many things I’d like to make. Some practical, some not so much. Lol. In my search to find inspiration, here are some things I’ve found that I think are adorable!

I love love LOVE Whitney Smith ‘s stuff:

Bird Ceramic Lidded Vessel by Whitney Smith

Bird Sugar and Creamer Set by Whitney Smith

Dogwood Flower Ceramic Lidded Vessel by Whitney Smith

Bird Ceramic Vase by Whitney Smith

Bird Cupcake Ceramic Stand by Whitney Smith

Sooo cute.  More tiny bird designs on pottery:

Love Birdies Vase by redhotpottery at

I love this rainbow idea:

Olive Oil Bottle at Dean & Deluca

The difficulty I see here is building the narrow mouth of the bottle.  I’m excited to give it a shot.  :)

I like this unique shape:

Something practical to make:

Williams-Sonoma's Farmhouse Double-Handled Bowls