About the Girl


Hi there!

My name is Liz and if you haven’t guessed it, I drive a Mini Cooper* (and LOVE it!).  His name is Oreo, in case you were curious. :)

I have many passions in life and the ones that top the list are food, both eating and cooking/baking them, cute vintage pieces (especially those circa 1940s-50s), and arts & crafts.  Part of my passion for these things is the joy of gushing about them to others.  This is how www.girlinthemini.com was born.  I’m not a professional cook or professional photographer by any means, but I do love cooking yummy food and taking pictures of them.   I hope you enjoy this site.

*  If by chance, you’re someone who discovered this site thinking it would be about a girl in another type of mini, well … I apologize, as you must be incredibly disappointed.  Delicious food, vintage finds, and crafts were probably not what you were hoping for.  But, thanks for stopping by anyway!