Tin Obsession

April 25, 2011 · 2 comments

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I just love the look of flowers and plants in old tins, especially tea tins.  I don’t know what it is, but they just make me smile. 

Photo courtesy of www.cathyhecknurseryart.com

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Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

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This weekend, I was in New York City visiting some friends and decided to get some tea tins while shopping in SoHo. 

Originally we were only going to stop at Mariebelle Sweets, which is an adorable chocolate and cafe shop.  Their hot chocolates and teas come in pretty tins.  

Photo courtesy of http://thelittledish.com/

We got some hot chocolate and tea here, for the tins of course (the chocolate and tea are just added bonuses, haha).  I mean, how can you resist?

We also stopped at Harney & Sons because their tea tin selection is amazing.

Photo courtesy of www.psfk.com

Photo courtesy of www.psfk.com

 So many to choose from!  Ahhh.   It took awhile to decide. 

And I admit, my decision was based almost solely on the tin, not the tea. 

I also got distracted by their displays.  That seafoam green chest under the teapot set was adorable.

I ended up picking these two. 

Although I bought these for the tins, the tea itself smelled amazing.  And they come in these individually packaged sachets — love it!